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The year was 1971. Three industrious computer specialists operating in Honolulu under the name “Response of Hawaii” (ROH) were providing ADP support services to a single client. Through hard work and diligence, the group developed a vision and made a business decision that would forever change the destiny of their small company. Expanding their specialization of commercial time-sharing applications to the U.S. mainland, they opened a branch office in San Diego, California.

Succeeding significantly at the San Diego site gave ROH the incentive to expand again. By the mid-1970s, ROH had opened offices in Washington, D.C. and Norfolk, Virginia. Wanting to improve business capabilities for a growing Navy clientele, ROH diversified into several information services areas and increased Company staff. Highly trained and skilled personnel were added in the areas of financial management, operations research, logistics, engineering, and configuration and data management. The business base grew even larger as a result of this strategy.

By the early 1980s, ROH was considered a premier small business contractor in the highly specialized field of surface combatant acquisition and life-cycle management support.

Still keeping the original vision as a compass, ROH expanded again, this time going back to its well-anchored roots of information technology. Although ROH had always maintained an IT staff to provide programming and network support services to Navy clients, those services were expanded to include web-related services, website design and database management services. In the late 1990s, ROH created OCULUS, a proprietary web-based document management software product. In 2001, ROH added web hosting to its many web-related products and services. With that expansion came a further diversification of the Company’s client base.

Today, we continue to broaden our horizons. We provide a range of support services unmatched in small business entities of comparable size. Our wide customer base includes federal, state, and local governments, educational institutions, and public and privately held companies.

The ROH vision
To be the premier provider of government and business solutions that enable ROH clients to make the most efficient use of resources.

The ROH mission
In order to become the premier solutions provider, ROH, Inc. will hire, develop and retain a quality workforce that will foster a culture in which everyone is accountable for:


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