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When you do your job well, it’s reflected in the success of your clients. We’ve developed OCULUS over the years to make the business process of each of our clients seamless and efficient. Each module makes managing the documents of a specific client better. PORT is a case in point. The ability to bring comprehensive document information into court, available at a button’s click, is invaluable. Workflow, which allows a client to automate the life cycle of a document from desk to desk, with an audit trail, ensures that the job gets done.

Our clients are large and small, business and government, public and private. We’d like you to look at a few of them, and see how the OCULUS solution gave them the ability to process documents of all types and sizes. We made OCULUS work for them and we can for you too. If you like what you see, contact Steve Simmonds at ssimmonds@roh-inc.com.


System design

Once you've read our case studies, you'll see how individual each OCULUS system really is. It's time to meet your own unique OCULUS! To set up a meeting, contact Steve Simmonds at ssimmonds@roh-inc.com.

OCULUS is the answer!

Open architecture

Single-server architecture

Web browser client

Flexible indexing taxonomy

Click here for more about the OCULUS DMS solution.


Our modules have often been developed due to our client's needs and input. They make OCULUS robust. Click here for more information.

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