Florida Department of
Environmental Protection

Contracts Division
ROH implemented a DMS solution that gives the DEP Contracts Division the ability to disassemble large documents in order to copy or fax smaller sections. Due to the volume of requests, this responsibility requires significant resources. ROH added functionality to the existing Finance & Accounting system; Contracts Division can scan, retrieve, modify, annotate, print or fax any portion of their documents without physically retrieving or re-filing the originals. Contract review time can now be measured in hours rather than days.


Personnel Division
The DEP Personnel Division archives employee records that span many decades, including tax forms, performance reviews, accrued leave statements and similar documents. The source quality of these records varies from laser-print to handwritten. The division needed a way to securely store and repeatedly access records while preserving the quality and security of the originals. ROH deployed a high quality scanning solution that lets staff scan employee records without damage, and then access the entire library of records on-line subject to a stringent set of security requirements due to the confidential nature of the records.


Purchasing Division
The DEP Purchasing Division creates, prints and files approximately 25,000 purchase orders each year. These include supporting documentation, bids and requisitions. ROH provided a document capture solution that automatically captures and indexes purchase orders as they are created, and then inserts them into a Legacy Mainframe application The solution minimizes indexing of all documents by automatically linking all types of purchasing documents based on their purchase order number.


Bureau of Petroleum Storage Systems
The BPSS produces more than 2 million pages of documents each year, tracking and monitoring petroleum storage, spills and cleanup. These documents must be retained indefinitely and be readily available to the public. The bureau had an electronic document management system in place that was slow, offered only limited access to documents and could not be scaled to support general public access. ROH converted more than 12 million images (830,000 records) from the former system to OCULUS. This DMS provides public access to documents via the Internet and will support future system expansion. "ROH replaced our outdated document management system with a much faster, more reliable and flexible system. We have a much happier user community," said Abby Dunn, Contract Manager, BPSS.

ROH has recently deployed OCULUS throughout the State to include the six regulatory districts. This will allow each district to scan, insert, and release documents directly into the central repository located in Tallahassee.

BPSS has also deployed OCULUS Workflow to improve their current business processes and electronically route documents through the approval process.


Bureau of Hazardous Waste
ROH has provided a DMS solution for the Bureau of Hazardous Waste that employs electronic document management and automated workflow technology to compliment their existing systems.

The Bureau of Hazardous Waste must process a diverse group of documents relating to statewide cleanup operations including permits, notification letters, remedial work plans, groundwater monitoring reviews, technical assistance documents, and site closure documents. A historical problem had been how to best capture, file, and organize the documents to meet public access requirements. ROH worked with the division to develop a nested storage and indexing schema that, together with a highspeed scanning solution, gives the division the ability to process and host all their documents in a user-friendly Intranet site accessible by statewide Florida agencies.

ROH has installed OCULUS in the six regulatory districts throughout the State. This will allow each district to scan, insert, and release documents directly into the central repository located in Tallahassee.


State Lands Division
OCULUS gives the State Lands Division the ability to convert large-scale TIFF documents into searchable PDFs to allow free text searching of engineering drawings. ROH recommended the combination of OCULUS, Kofax Ascent Capture and Kofax PDF I+T module as the perfect solution.

On occasion, State Lands appears in court for litigation concerning property ownership rights. ROH developed PORT (Portable Oculus Retrieval Tool), a replication utility that allows the division to specify a subset of documents stored in the OCULUS system and "port" the documents to a standalone OCULUS laptop. So, instead of transporting thousands of paper documents to court, State Lands now transports the laptop. Not only has this saved the time and effort of searching through boxes of documents, but the appropriate information is easily and efficiently accessed.

Recently, ROH integrated the OCULUS solution with GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to provide field personnel the option of retrieving documents using a graphical interface.  This interface allows staff to select a parcel of land from an ArcIMS website and automatically retrieve the documents associated with the parcel.



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