Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

Finance and Accounting Division
ROH also has provided a DMS solution for the Finance and Accounting Division of the Department of Juvenile Justice. In the past, Voucher and P-Card financial records were kept in a central file room and checked out to individuals who needed access. This often resulted in bottlenecks, lost files and lengthy document access times.

OCULUS was installed to provide a solution for tracking vouchers, p-cards and deposits. Since this agency also maintains and sponsors residential facilities for juvenile offenders throughout the state, significant effort was made to collect location maps, descriptive photographs and fundamental facility statistics into a master set of 'Facility Notebooks' kept in the agency director's office. The physical format and single location of these 'Facility Notebooks' severely limited their usefulness. Now all agency employees have access to these same documents easily and efficiently.

Office of Inspector General
ROH installed an OCULUS system in the Background Screening Unit of DJJ. The immediate need of the DJJ-OIG group was for an image scanning and DMS system to manage the background screening files generated for all direct-contact personnel. These files include a variety of multi-page screening forms, fingerprint records, copies of Social Security cards & driver’s licenses, employment applications etc. There is also a re-screening process every 5 years, generating similar file materials, which needed to be associated with existing records for each employee.

ROH designed the bar-coded auto-indexing separator sheets to increase the accuracy and efficiency of scanning personnel.


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