Documents are created, distributed, stored, retrieved and eventually destroyed. Paper or electronic, they all go through this cycle as a result of your business activities. OCULUS manages your electronic documents through this life cycle, increasing efficiency, minimizing costs and reducing risk.

Your unique plan outlines the necessary components of your flexible document management solution. OCULUS was developed to fit any business entity like a glove. Designed to provide standard document management functionality, OCULUS can be scaled to the enterprise level environment. We give you options for moving from paper to a digital environment that make the transition smooth and painless.

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Design considerations include:

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OCULUS is the answer!

  • Open architecture
  • Single-server architecture
  • Web browser client
  • Flexible indexing taxonomy

Click here for more about the OCULUS DMS solution.

Case study

Johns Hopkins Financial Systems Administrative Office needed to share information with the School of Medicine. OCULUS gave them that capability! Click here to read about the FSA system and our Federated Search module.

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