OCULUS Hosted Document Management

There has never been an easy way to manage the years of files, documents and vital office papers every organization collects. The traditional ways of storing documents manually is not only time consuming and complex but for the most part unsecured. Too much effort is needed to sort, index and store them, it needs to be done in such a manner that they can be retrieved quickly.

Our hosted document management solution has added a new dimension to the traditional means of storing and retrieving documents and this natural progression of technology is proving to be much more reliable and efficient. In order to keep up with present day business standards the need for document management systems that are fast, secured and accessible 24/7 is becoming common place.

OCULUS allows you to set up your on-line document management system at a fraction of the cost and time of more traditional server based document management systems. Our proven document management solution is low-cost, scalable, secure, and offers operational benefits such as;

So the OCULUS hosted solution is hassle-free, secure, inexpensive, and unlike traditional systems where you have to pay for all upgrades and install new hardware, here you only pay for what you use. There is nothing to install, no hardware to setup and no need to pay for software updates, we take care of all these things.

OCULUS Features

The OCULUS document management suite of software includes Document Capture, Imaging, Archiving, Full Text Search, Annotation, Redaction, Collaboration and Version Control.

Scan, Import, and Access documents from anywhere in the world

Telecommuting is becoming more prevalent as businesses try to reduce costs and become more productive. With the OCULUS hosted document management solution you entire workforce will have the same access to your business documents as if they were in the corporate office. Save time and money on shipping remote documents to the main office and secure the documents in one location.

Our comprehensive Library allows different document objects to be managed seamlessly


Search all documents based on your content or key index values

Users can quickly search all documents based on the content of the document or key index entries. Find all documents related to any search term. Eliminate searching for a document on someone's desk or looking in multiple file cabinets.

Be confident your documents are secure and protected

Documents are kept protected and safe by using industry standard SSL security and data encryption technology. Moreover other security measures like multi-layered security and that only authorized person are capable of accessing files ensures that your document remains safe and secured. Control the level of document access each of your users has to add, search, edit, and view documents. Set permissions individually, or at a group level, such as by department or only for executive management.

Comment Indirectly/Directly on Documents

Additional information such as descriptions or comments can be added directly on your documents using the robust annotation features or simply add detail that may not be on the original documents.

Identify Document Changes

Never be surprised by changes to the documents you are responsible for. In addition to preventing access by unauthorized users, know when authorized users add, change or delete a document.

Manage Document Updates

Eliminate lost edits and wasted efforts with automated versioning. Documents are checked out for edits so only one user has edit access at a time. View revision history on any document; see who changed the document and when. Roll back to a previous version when necessary.

Foster Collaboration without Losing Control

Manage the flow and update of documents within the system without having to rely on e-mail or network drives. Include document links in messages to colleagues.

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